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How to “LayerUp!”: Applying Information Technology to reassure BIPOC healthcare/mental wellness equality and equity in the workplace and beyond!

The panel will address the importance of inclusion in medical research, diversity in clinical trials and training, and representation in science and healthcare for those diverse BIPOC workforces and communities.

The panelists are addressing whole person care by examining social determinants of health, integrating physical, mental, and behavioral healthcare, and meeting people where they are. Hear how this panel discusses the options for organizations to better understand how to deconstruct misinformation often propagated through historic biases, fear, and mistrust within BIPOC communities. They will also address the emergence of Black women "credible messengers”/healthcare advocates that ally a holistic approach of trust within their respective communities.

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Diversity and inclusion with ALL levels of healthcare with Clinical trials and training …addressing structural changes.
  2. How we analyze and curate holistic internal work environment audits that discourses ALL hidden racial, gender and mental health microaggression biases
  3. Find out how Blaq App is a "credible messenger" to the BIPOC communities.
  4. Find out how new global interactive platforms are modernizing the way Black content is created, consumed, and monetized.

Presented with


Celeste Mosby GM, Learning Solutions & VP Solution Design, Syneos Health
Esther Yang Executive Director SUPER HAPPY HEALTHY KIDS INC
Jasmine Cogdel Director of Marketing BlackTag
Sylvia Alston Managing Partner Momentum Risk Management
Jocelyn R. Taylor Chief Brand Media Strategist, Founder & CEO JRT Multimedia, LLC, and LayerUp!
Maureen Tokeson-Martin CEO-Founder Blaq App LLC

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