Sylvia Alston

Sylvia is the Managing Partner of Momentum Risk Management, and she has worked for some of the largest national brokerage firms in the country in advisory and leadership roles and was formerly the Vice President, division manager and private client practice leader of Integro Insurance Brokerage, an entertainment specialty brokerage. She advises individuals, successful families, nonprofit organizations, and small and mid-size businesses to strategize and consult on their risk management programs.

She attended the national treasure and historically black university- -Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland and is still an active alumnus and fundraises for the university. Sylvia is a thought leader in business and sits on several national boards around the country to impact her cause work in the space of community development, arts and culture programs and ending poverty. She also worked on Sirius XM Urban View for seven years as a host and executive producer and is currently the executive producer and host of her own podcast entitled Next Nation which focuses on lifestyle, legacy and leadership and is currently on Apple, Spotify, IHeart and Spreaker radio.