Nathan Baynard

Nathan Baynard, Head of Brand Marketing – Dolls Category, Mattel, leads brand strategy and marketing for the billion dollar brand Barbie as well as the many other brands in Mattel’s Dolls Portfolio. In his years at Mattel, he has led the brand and franchise marketing efforts to evolve the Barbie brand to one focused on inspiration, empowerment, and inclusivity. This has included the launch of the Barbie You Can Be Anything Brand Campaign, launching the first ever broadcast-quality series for the brand on Netflix, Dreamhouse Adventures, and building the brand’s digital presence to being the #1 Girls’ Brand on YouTube and in social conversation through unique and digitally native content, like Barbie’s Vlog Series. In 2018, he led efforts to launch the company’s first ever social mission, The Barbie Dream Gap Project, dedicated to raising awareness and combatting the Dream Gap phenomena that shows that as early as age 6, girls start showing a decline in confidence in their own gender’s