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Barbie showed the future of Pink is Green, a Private Aviation Company, Wheels Up rallied celebrity ambassadors and consumers to help give back over 60 million meals with their ‘Meals Up’ initiative, and a guy on a skateboard stole our hearts. Key Takeaways? People love nostalgia and brand purpose, luxury brands provide the ability to give back in connecting members to a cause, and we all needed good vibes.

Key executives discuss the stories – Nathan Baynard, VP of Global Marketing for Barbie & Dolls, Lee Applbaum, CMO of Wheels Up, and Melanie DiBiasio, Senior Manager, Digital Precision Marketing of Ocean Spray. View Less

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Lee Applbaum CMO Wheels Up
Nathan Baynard VP of Global Marketing Barbie & Dolls
Melanie DiBiasio Senior Manager, Digital Precision Marketing Ocean Spray
Tanya Dua Senior Reporter Business Insider

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