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In today’s polarizing climate, disruption has all but given way to the era of "safe creative." A sea of unmemorable content continually deepens as fearful marketers shy away from stepping anywhere near the "creative edge." However, brave marketers can capitalize now when others are retreating if they're willing to face marketing's most feared four-letter word—R.I.S.K.

No stranger to the word, Jeff Charney, CMO of Progressive, will talk about various elements of the subject, from evaluating your individual risk tolerance to managing brand risk. In this fast-paced, interactive presentation, Charney will highlight how his unique "network philosophy" and taking the right amount of creative risks led to the company's highly successful roster of creative characters and campaigns that span across both digital and broadcast mediums.

Charney will also talk about the risks associated with keeping "Flo," one of the industry's longest-running and most memorable brand icons of the twenty-first century, relevant for 10 years. From taking Flo into new environments beyond the Superstore to introducing audiences to her extended family, every step included some level of risk. The calculated bets paid off as Flo successfully evolved from an advertising character to a pop culture icon over the last decade.

Charney’s talk will challenge your thinking and provide tangible insights that apply to anyone, regardless of whether you’re a copywriter, creative director or chief marketing officer. But it won’t be for the faint of heart—so buckle up!


Jeff Charney Chief Marketing Officer Progressive Insurance

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