In this session...

Now more than ever, publishers matter. From advancing real journalism to spotting trends, publishers have a unique connection with people that provides what every marketer needs: first-party audience insights. The publisher of the future creates a unique, consumer-centered “experience ecosystem” with content, events, advertising and more. Learn how marketers and publishers are connecting directly via insights in a candid conversation with executives from Quantcast, digital-first publishers and industry-leading CMOs.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn what insights are the most impactful at driving brand (marketers’ and publishers’) growth
  2. Learn about the cutting-edge tools available today that provide those real-time insights
  3. Take away action items you can implement immediately to be ahead of the curve in the new era of AI

Presented with


Steven Wolfe Pereira Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Quantcast
Sabah Ashraf CEO North America Superunion
Mark Howard Chief Revenue Officer Forbes Media
Jason Wagenheim Chief Revenue Officer Bustle

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Event Type Workshop