In this session...

Wayfair’s marketing data science team built a CRM from scratch, designed to be capable of fluidly integrating advertising and marketing technologies. Rather than rely on siloed data and the classical constraints of different channels, they compare all data against each other are able to focus on what really matters - lifetime value and long term relationships. Nick Dujnic of LiveIntent and Jess Jacobs of Wayfair can outline how they opened up opportunities for greater targeting, personalization and customer satisfaction.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why marketing and advertising are like twins, separated at birth, who speak different languages.
  2. What makes Wayfair a people-based marketing pioneer, their philosophy, their approach to engaging people along the customer journey.
  3. How to arm yourself with the information needed to lead the conversation around convergence and accelerate convergence in your company.


Jessica Jacobs Director of Marketing Wayfair
Nick Dujnic VP Marketing LiveIntent

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