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The Finserv sector is being buffeted by a Fintech revolution. According to McKinsey, 60% of global bank profits are at risk as non-bank challengers target origination and sales. But as the first wave of disruption subsides, it’s clear the winners are not just the ‘first to market’ but the ‘first to brand’.

Incumbents have a legacy brand edge. According to ‘The World Fintech Report’, produced by Capgemini and LinkedIn shows incumbent brands have a 13% trust advantage. But as challengers seek to unbundle customer relationships, how defensible is this position?

We bring together a head-to-head debate to look at how both incumbents and challenger brands are responding to this through their marketing.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn what are the moments that matter most in the customer journey
  2. How Fintechs are scaling their brands
  3. How best to collaborate for success

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Jill Schlesinger Business Analyst CBS News
Elyssa Gray Vice President, Brand Betterment
Keith Gormley VP Social Media Prudential Financial
Rajeev Subramanyam Head, B2B Digital Payments, Global Commercial Payments American Express
Chris Villarreal Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications, Consumer Lending Goldman Sachs
Mike Wong Director, Marketing Solutions LinkedIn

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