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As consumers seek greater interaction and engagement with content, video has proven an invaluable strategic component for both publishers and marketers. While programmatic is estimated to account for 85% of US digital ad spend by next year, questions about quality, brand safety and technological capabilities remain strong for programmatic video. Learn how players across the digital supply chain are accessing the full potential of programmatic video by unlocking new revenue streams and employing innovative strategies.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn what is being done to move video spending to programmatic
  2. Discover key differences, and corresponding challenges, between various video formats and the technology needed to aid growth
  3. Discuss the future of video and the potential opportunities moving forward

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Jeffrey Hirsch CMO & Head of Publisher Development, US PubMatic
Evan Krauss SVP of Global Sales Ranker
Jenn Chen CRO Connatix

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