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In a noisy, social media-driven world, where marketing is easily ignored and rarely trusted, brands struggle to control their narratives, loyalty is almost nonexistent and a company’s actions matter far more than its words. In this session, Charles Schwab’s CMO, Jonathan Craig, will share a few universal keys to driving growth and highlight some best-in-class examples of how to drive the industry forward.

In this interconnected and experience-based economy, fickle consumers have upended how brands connect and grow. Simple purchase decisions are now crowd-sourced, and a client’s expectations are driven not by previous interactions with a brand or with your competitors, but by their last best user experience in any industry. How can leaders drive growth while navigating this ever-changing ecosystem? Jonathan Craig, Charles Schwab’s CMO, will discuss how the firm’s mission and strategy of seeing the business through clients’ eyes, while utilizing its greatest assets, has helped the company through challenging environments. And why our actions – not our words – matter more than ever. View Less

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Jonathan Craig CMO Charles Schwab

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