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When knowing your customer is key, there’s nothing more unsettling than not knowing whether the user you’re targeting is, in fact, the user you’re targeting. Offline-to-online match rates, cross-device identity precision, and scale are key metrics that marketers, agencies, and publishers depend on to create effective people-centric marketing and media experiences. Yet these key metrics are at best, produced by a mix of heavy computing power, reasonably good science, and a healthy dose of statistical artwork.

How does the marketer know the true accuracy of its ID graph? How can the agency confidently represent to its client the precision of its cross-device targeting strategy? How can the publisher know the real scale of its audience across their many media devices?

Join DMA’s Identity Leadership Council for this insightful workshop on validating the most common identity metrics that matter. Leading cross-device identity experts will share DMA’s newly-released identity metrics validation methodologies, and give workshop participants the opportunity to explore how to validate their most perplexing identity metrics mysteries. View Less

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Chad Engelgau VP, Head of Global Identity Services Acxiom
Ajit Thupil GTM Business Lead - Oracle ID Graph Oracle Data Cloud
Jeff Smith CMO LiveRamp

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