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Who are The Unreachables? They’re a growing audience of people who aren’t tracked—and therefore can’t be targeted or measured—with traditional tools and platforms. They consume media on mobile devices and OTT. They’re “cord cutters” and “cord nevers.” And they represent tremendous buying power for brands.

The stakes are high—47% of Millennials and Gen X appear “unreachable” within standard planning tools, and 66% of their media consumption isn’t tracked, either.

"I had a planner come into my office about six months ago, and she was actually in the target of the campaign that she was working on. She used the industry standard planning tools, and did all of the work as she should, then came in, and said, 'Hey, I’m in the target, but this looks like a foreign media plan to me, I don’t watch any of these programs, I don’t consume content this way. That changed our perspective."
-Scott Hagedorn. CEO Hearts & Science Worldwide View Less

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Ana Larios Managing Director Hearts & Science Mexico
Sergio Diaz Data & Analytics Director Omnicom Media Group
Andrés Claudio Executive Director, Business Development LATAM Hearts & Science

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