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Back in the day, building a holistic brand was a lot easier. For the audio side in particular, perhaps you had a sonic tag, a jingle and/or signature voice for TV and radio ads. It goes without saying that, now, there are infinitely more opportunities to bring much more comprehensiveness to a ‘whole’ brand. How do you capitalize on them without getting tangled in complexity?

Creativity is very much an intuitive business, but when it comes to choosing between hundreds of voices that are barely differentiated, what do you do? Gut? Or something else? Now think about brand building. From new kinds of brand sounds, like BMW’s custom-created door-close, to new places where brand sounds flourish, like smart speakers, the wealth of new options - new sounds, channels, devices - makes understanding what works best for each scenario more complex.

As always, well-interpreted, actionable data brings order to the chaos. Join Veritonic as they bring together leaders from across the industry -- brand, agency, technology -- for an insider’s look at brand building in the audio renaissance, and at the data that increasingly informs it to ensure that the opportunity is not squandered. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The multitude of new ways that sound plays into creating a holistic brand
  2. How leading brands, agencies and technologies are developing audio strategies now
  3. How new data is informing key decisions to optimize campaigns and brands


Scott Simonelli Founder and CEO Veritonic
Simon Valcarcel Head of Creative and Media O2
David Horowitz Executive Creative Director Mekanism
John-Paul Hughes Group Creative Director Communicorp UK

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Track  Future of Media