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Digital media has been having a tough time of late. The layoffs at Buzzfeed and Vice are symptomatic of the difficulties these organisations are having in developing reliable revenue streams to spur growth. But it’s not all bad. Hear from some of the leaders in this field on how they are navigating the choppy waters of monetising social media content.

From platform diversification, to investing in original content, to selling personalised socks. These leaders have an innate understanding of social media and have mastered how to create successful brands in this space, that turn a profit. Learn from these masters and understand how to apply their knowledge and experience to your own brands. View Less

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  1. The issues facing digital media today
  2. The power of social content to build brands
  3. How social media is a platform to grow and build any kind of business

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Jamie Bolding Founder & CEO Jungle Creations
Jacqui Kavanagh VP of Commercial Brand Partnerships Europe Refinery29
Steven Bartlett CEO Social Chain Group
David Amodio Digital & Creative Leader Channel 4

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Track  Future of Media