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Why do so many brands still get social media wrong? Because they’re trying to build a brand not a personality.
Hannah Anderson heads up a team who reach over 1.8bn people every month through their 80m followers. She will explain how so many brands still lack a human mindset. Using social-first principles, she will show how your brand can make a huge impact by building in emotive creative from the very start of your campaign.

Social media is not new. Facebook will celebrate its 15th birthday this year. So many brands still fail to connect with audiences on social media because they lack genuine personality.

Brands are no longer a stamp on a product, they are living, breathing person that anyone, anywhere can have a conversation with right now. 

Hannah Anderson used her innate understanding of social media to start Media Chain, one of the fastest growing social media publishers in the world. In her discover talk, she will show how small critical changes in your approach to social media can make a big impact.
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  1. How to make social-first creative content
  2. How to utilise new platform features to generate better reach for your content
  3. How to create a personality for your brand on social media

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Hannah Anderson Director of Social & Creative Media Chain

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