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Is your business fit for the future?

We live in turbulent times and to weather an ever-changing set of challenges, companies need to future proof themselves to ensure they keep growing. Hear from two experts about how they are helping businesses innovate for long-term success.

The FutureBrand Index reveals how the most future proof companies are not defined by their age, their sector, their tech or data knowledge but by their ability to consistently align their corporate purpose with the experiences they create. The strength of the connection between why a brand exists and what it does every day is the key to how well positioned they are to succeed in the future. This is especially relevant as new innovation presents both great opportunity but also new challenges to business as usual planning. Terracycle is a company doing just this through groundbreaking innovation. The Loop scheme unites a coalition of major consumer companies including P&G & Nestlé to trial refillable and returnable containers for some of the world’s leading brands in an effort to significantly reduce waste.
Join Jon Tipple, Chief Strategy Officer at FutureBrand and Laure Cucuron, General Manager Europe at Terracycle to hear about how they are helping companies become futureproof. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to successfully align your business purpose with brand experiences and why it matters.
  2. How the Loop initiative will revolutionise the packaging industry and what it means for brand marketers
  3. How to get meaningful innovation off the drawing board and into real life


Jon Tipple Global Chief Strategy Officer FutureBrand
Laure Cucuron General Manager Terracycle

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