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Putting the fragments of TV back together again: multi-platform planning for the future.

We are entering a new generation for TV. As online video has matured, creating a cross-screen video experience has become a key focus for broadcasters. We're seeing broadcast alliances flourishing across Europe to compete with GAFA’s video inventories. We're seeing the development of a new video platform model combining free, advertising-financed service with premium pay-products… What do these trends say of the video world of tomorrow and what tools do advertisers need to benefit from it?
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  1. What does 'premium content' mean and why is it a great strength/key asset for broadcasters
  2. What is the future of TV consumption? Analysis of dominance of VOD platforms
  3. Addressable vs Linear TV: What is at stake? What opportunities do personalized and targeted advertising have on VOD platforms?
  4. Predicting for the future: How will an ever-fragmented content offer impact future behaviours?
  5. What does content fragmentation mean for producers and broadcasters?
  6. After a decade of big announcements on the market, what is really going on with measurement? What can we measure today? What about transparency (broadcast players vs digital players)?
  7. Monetization: how it’s done and what are the challenges

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Kim Younes Marketing & Innovation Director M6 Publicité
Samantha Glynne VP Branded Entertainment Fremantle
Stéphane Coruble CEO RTL AdConnect
Steve Forde Director of Marketing & Experience for Online ITV
Kate Bulkley Journalist & Media Commentator

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