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Creative subjects are being rejected by students and low awareness of creative industries doesn't help. Creativity fuels the economy but is a luxury in some schools, a dirty word in others.

Join this workshop with top notch creative gurus and educationalists to understand what could become a 'Creativity Crisis' and what creative people/companies like you can do to help avert it

Like help co-create the grass roots #ARTCONNECTS19 Festival to help our kids find their art and connect communities with schools.

This session will discuss the key issues and possible solutions by referencing the panels own inspiration, aspiration and experience unleashing the power of creativity and people and look to your for input.

It will start with a provocation from:

Nick Corston – a Dad who Co-founded STEAM Co. after a weekend in the mosh pit with his kids at Camp Bestival to champion creativity

Followed by a workshop led by

Mark Earls – one of the biggest thinkers on why people do what they do will be in the MC’s hot seat


Rob da Bank – the DJ and big daddy of the UK Festival scene, with more than enough kids

Marva Rollins OBE – head teacher at Raynham Primary in one of the most challenged communities in the UK.

Amelia Richards - Commercial Director at the Creative Industries Federation

Chrissy Levett - Founder & CEO of Creative Conscience that encourages and rewards creative thinking for social justice View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. You'll understand the reason and risk of the #CreativityCrisis brewing in our schools
  2. You'll see a new definition of 'art' as what connects us and the need to connect our kids with theirs
  3. You'll see how the Elton John/John Lewis Xmas Ad inspired the grass roots #ARTCONENCTS19 creativity festival
  4. You'll feel you've contributed ideas to the Festival
  5. You'll pledge £1 to be a #PARTron19 of #ARTCONNECTS19 and see your name in The Guardian on 30th March


Nick Corston Co-Founder/CEO STEAM Co.
Mark Earls Herdmeister Herd Consultancy
Rob da Bank Festival Guru Camp Bestival
Amelia Richards Commercial Director Creative Industries Federation
Chrissy Levett Founder + CEO CREATIVE CONSCIENCE

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