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In this session we’ll hear from iconic shoe company TOMS and the ethical advertising platform Good-Loop, how it is infinitely possible to improve the lives of millions of people around the world while creating a for-profit sustainable business model.

TOMS Shoes, the company that through its ‘One for One’ programme matches every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for a child in need, has grown into a powerful business model that combines profits with purpose in a truly authentic manner. To date TOMS has given over 86 million pairs of shoes to children across 70 countries, as well as helped provide over 600 thousand sight restorations and 600 thousand weeks of safe water, and the company was most recently valued at $625 million. The brand is an example of purpose-driven business at its finest, and one that prefers to spend its intentionally moderate marketing budget on campaigns that provide the biggest bang for their buck. Enter: TOMS’ collaborator Good-Loop, the ethical advertising platform that is today enabling the brand to reward consumers who choose to watch their online ads by donating to a charity on their behalf. In this win-win-win system, everyone in the value chain benefits financially, and ethically – the online publisher, the consumer and the advertiser - particularly with Good-Loop’s tech promising to help up a brand’s engagement on premium video two-fold. The learning is clear: the era when corporate social responsibility might have been a vanity project bolt-on has passed. Today sustainable, socially progressive business models and brands need no longer be at odds with great business impact. View Less


Amy Williams CEO Good-Loop
Lisa Hogg EMEA Marketing Director TOMS

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