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We make around 35,000 decisions every single day – from what to watch on TV through to choosing lunchtime sandwich or sushi!

So how can brands be heard through all this mental activity? And which emerging technology opportunities should they be considering to smooth out those pain points within the consumer decision journey? Bringing together our exclusive DX research approach and our highly acclaimed Futures Trends programme, Mindshare reveals how your brand can start to create a future proofed consumer journey.

In this interactive session we will practically explore how comms solutions can be developed through the lens of the audience’s response to emerging technology opportunities. We will look to solve existing problems within customer journeys of specific categories using technology, merging content from our two biggest consumer facing research programmes to help us:

• Mindshare DX research programme - an extensive people first research-based programme which concentrates on understanding what people are really trying to resolve with every decision they make, identifying their pain points and energy flows along the way.

• Mindshare Futures Trends – our highly acclaimed trends research programme that uses consumer research to identify the key technology and cultural trends which will shape comms opportunities in future years.

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to help influence decision making
  2. Fresh consumer insights into decision journeys
  3. Unique consumer insights around technology and trends
  4. Techniques to solve pain points across consumer journey
  5. Opportunity to generate ideas for comms solutions


Julia Ayling Head of Insight Mindshare UK
Sophie Harding Trends & Insights Director Mindshare UK

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Event Type Workshop