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The presentation and fireside chat, moderated by Jun Group's VP of Marketing Adam Cohen Aslatei, will dive into the exciting new way Fortune 500 brands are engaging their audiences in-game,

Guava Juice, a.k.a. Roi Fabito, is a Youtube sensation, with over 12 million subscribers. His infectious personality and massive fanbase have made him a magnet for endorsement deals, including a toy line at Target. In this intimate and candid conversation, Guava will explain why he extended his brand into mobile games, and the benefits of reaching consumers in this highly engaging, lean-forward environment. The conversation will be framed around larger findings proving that mobile games deliver a much more receptive audience than any other form of media.

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Adam Cohen-Aslatei VP of Marketing Jun Group
Roi Fabito “Guava Juice” Teen Influencer and Youtube Star

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