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Your marketing team has learned to do more with less and leverage the insights and know-how to get the job done. ​

You've gotten lean and yet you still generate incredible content and campaigns to drive your business. ​

But... there is always more to do and more data and insights to analyze. What if you could do your job faster, smarter, analyze more data more quickly, and drive to insights quickly so that you can be more creative to deliver exceptional customer experiences and journeys? ​

You can - with AI-powered marketing. Join us as we take a tour of many of the ways AI manifests itself in the today's marketing function and role - from reporting on and analyzing campaign metrics, to identifying audiences before they opt out, to identifying where customers struggle with their customer journey and experiences. We'll cover all of this and more in this primer for learning what AI-powered marketing is and what it can do for your team as you prepare for 2018.

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Henrietta Akpata Product Marketing Director Watson Marketing

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