Freakshow Throwdown: Unmasking the Advertising Universe with Jason Harris

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Prepare for an exhilarating journey into the captivating world of advertising, media, culture and business with "The Freakshow Throwdown." This AW original variety show offers viewers an exclusive peek behind the curtains of the advertising industry, uncovering the dazzling interplay of creativity, strategy and innovation that fuels today's most influential campaigns. Hosted by beloved industry figure Jason Harris and an all-star team of advertising veterans, marketing gurus and cultural trendsetters, "The Freakshow Throwdown" provides a vibrant and insightful platform where industry insiders and pop culture icons come together to discuss and dissect the latest advertising campaigns, trends and cultural movements. Whether you're a marketing aficionado, a creative enthusiast or simply curious about the art of persuasion, "The Freakshow Throwdown" promises to entertain, inform and inspire. Tune in for a rollercoaster ride through the advertising universe, where creativity knows no bounds and where the advertising industry's "freaks" — the original, the obsessive, the innovative and the courageous — come together for the ultimate throwdown.
Jason Harris Co-Founder, CEO
Jeff MacDonald Social Strategy Director
John Sullivan SVP of Marketing
Alex Frias Head of Integrated Marketing
Michael Kaye Director of Public Relations & Communications

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