Setting the Record Straight with the Miss Universe Organization

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Miss this on the stage? Catch up by watching online here on the Amazon Ads Studio channel. Every year the Miss Universe Organization welcomes over 10,000 audacious women worldwide to come through their programs and champion the unprecedented power of their voice and advocacy. Join Harnaaz Sandhu (Miss Universe), Amy Emmerich (CEO, the Miss Universe Organization) and Paula Shugart (President, the Miss Universe Organization) as they tell the unheard story of the Miss Universe Organization while the brand takes on a new reinvigorated direction with many impactful changes ahead. Moderated by Vanessa De Luca (Editor-in-Chief, The Root), Sandhu, Emmerich and Shugart will discuss how the Miss Universe Organization is more than what meets the eye. This session will talk through how the brand is cultivating a global community of accomplished women through personal, professional and philanthropic opportunities.
Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe