The Future is Now and Personified Advertising is a Slam Dunk

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Interview with Matt Scheckner, Chairman, Advertising Week

In 2022, consumers are exposed to up to 10,000 ads a day. In a world where consumer preferences, privacy regulations and behaviors are constantly shifting, it is becoming increasingly challenging for advertisers to capture attention and deliver results. The solution: Get Personified. Join Ogury, the Personified Advertising company, former NBA player, investor and entrepreneur Baron Davis, and top industry leaders as they discuss how advertisers can solve some of today’s problems while exploring the future of advertising.
Baron Davis Founder
Baron Davis Enterprises
Anthony Flaccavento General Manager, Americas
Ali Saraniti Director, Research & Insights
Nidhi Sood Vice President, Media
Vayner Media
Michael Liu SVP, Head of Innovation

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