Measurement and Advertising Innovation in the Streaming Age: Is CTV a Panacea?

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The growth of streaming services on CTVs is transforming the TV market, creating both challenges and opportunities for the industry. CTV data has the potential to transform TV measurement, as well as support innovations in advanced advertising, but the ecosystem remains fragmented, and concerns about walled gardens are widespread. Join CIMM and leading companies in the advanced advertising space for an insightful discussion about innovation and measurability in the CTV space.
Jon Watts Managing Director
Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
Tony Yi EVP, Business Development & GM, Platform Direct
Carol Hinnant Chief Revenue Officer
Comscore Inc.
Charlie Weiss Head of Business Development and Strategy
EDO, Inc.
Jessica Hogue GM Measurement & Analytics
Tony Marlow Chief Marketing Officer
LG Ads Solutions

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