How Brands are Making the Real World Metaverse a Reality

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The metaverse isn’t coming, it’s already here. With more than 6 billion smartphones in the world today, digitally savvy brands aren’t waiting for headsets to become mainstream. Instead, they’re building out the real-world metaverse today through powerful augmented reality experiences that incorporate the latest technologies, from visual positioning systems to computer vision and semantic understanding. This new tech, buttressed by advancements in cameras, AI, silicon and 5G, is making experiences more engaging, informative and collaborative, and consumers are not only paying attention but interacting with content for longer and more deeply than ever before. During this featured panel, hear from the industry leaders who are making the real-world metaverse a reality.
Jason Yim Founder & CEO
Trigger XR
Kristen Soumas Director, Consumer Content Partnerships
Erin Schaefer VP Revenue and Global Operations
Niantic Inc.
Zoe Soon Vice President of the Experience Center

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