A Recipe for Tomorrow: Bridging Culture and Nutrition

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No single culture has a monopoly on healthy eating. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, bland or exclusively white. The industry is changing, from greater access to more diverse information to the rise of culturally competent dietitians. Join us as we cook up an engaging discussion with passionate health professionals and game changers who are championing a shift in how we see food, address accessibility to food security and reclaim cultural heritage as an integral part of the healthy lifestyle norms of tomorrow.
Erin Edge Editor in Chief
Healthline.com and PsychCentral.com
Amy Gomez, Ph.D. SVP, Diversity Strategy
Klick Health
Maya Feller Lead Dietician and Healthline Medical Advisor
Maya Feller Nutrition
Chef Joseph 'JJ' Johnson James Beard Award Winner, Author, and Founder of FIELDTRIP

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