Value proposition of a Digital Twin in Marketing

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Mackevision, part of Accenture Interactive since 2018, is a global leading company in the field of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). It provides providing data-based dynamic visual content solutions for 3D visualization, realtime applications, animation and visual effects. Based on this experience the company is now setting the focus on the visual Digital Twin and how to expand this into various industries and applications. We will discuss the introduction into the areas of Marketing, Sales and others, supported by some demos. This session has a live chat Q&A with the speaker. Please join the special live chat room at the end of the session.
Beatrix Frisch Managing Director, Regional Director APAC
Mackevision part of Accenture Interactive
Johannes Rammensee Head of Production Asia
Mackevision part of Accenture Interactive
Masaki Oeda Consultant
Mackevision part of Accenture Interactive

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