Knife Fight In a Native Ad-Box

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CTV: The World Beyond Linear TV Advertising

In the battle for customer attention native advertising is the go-to weapon for the majority of brands. It’s a burgeoning industry worth billions of dollars every year. But with a multitude of different players, standards and ever-shifting algorithms, it can seem daunting and difficult to find a consistent set of rules to play by. This no-nonsense panel featuring some of the biggest companies in the space will debate the biggest issues facing the industry, and to ensure they don’t slip into jargon we’ll have the bullshit buzzer at the ready. Come and hear the latest strategies, tips and tricks straight from the horses’ mouths. Then you can write a blog about it.
Richie Kenzie Senior Consultant
Clear Hayes Consulting
Elizabeth Adeniji Head of Platform Sales
Verizon Media
Prue Cox Director of Marketing Solutions
Penelope Lloyd Manager, Publisher Client Service APAC
Andrew Burke Managing Director APAC

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