Reimagine You: Grow like a Badass Unicorn

Badass Unicorn sparks the life-changing idea that individuals have the power to reimagine their potential just like the world’s most revered companies. In this 90-min interactive and practical workshop, you’ll learn how to rework the growth strategies of the world’s most inspiring businesses to turbo-charge your personal growth. This session is a whistle-stop self-awareness and self-empowerment tour where you’ll reconnect with the most important ingredient for personal and...

Insights from FT Live: Creating Global Online Events

Meet the Managing Director for FT Live, Orson Francescone, as he details turning the FT Live business model into virtual events for the Financial Times. This workshop session will outline key takeaways for success at monetizing your digital events with sponsorships. It will also uncover the rationale and fundamental changes required to generate interest and engagement from your audience.

Leading with Brand in the Age of AI: a B R A I V E and Culture Amp workshop

With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, the vast majority of interactions between brands and consumers will soon be AI. This means that a brand’s DNA must be infused into its AI. How does this work and what do marketers need to keep in mind? Join founders of brand AI firm, B R A I V E and their client, leading people and culture platform, Culture Amp, in an interactive workshop that will take you through the core principles of developing “brand intelligent” AI, and how to put them...

Retool You for Freelancers with Liberty Hive

Flexible working is not just a theme of lockdown, it’s here to stay. With changing work patterns & uncertainty in the job market, the opportunity to work freelance-when you want, how you want-has never been greater. Liberty Hive is a new tech-led talent business with an ambition to drive quicker, quality connections between freelance consultants & media businesses. If you’re at all interested in freelancing, join Liberty Hive founders at this interactive session with invaluable advice from...

Reset You: Building your Resilience at Work

As we create a new work office / work home / life balance...the events of 2020 have changed how we do business for good, it’s given us new ways of working to adapt to and accelerated the need for better workplace wellbeing. Now is the time to build your own resilience, as we return to a new working pattern, be it in the office, at home, returning from furlough or a mixture of all three. This workshop will provide you with the vocabulary to have 'mental health conversations' with...

Dynamic by Default - The Workshop

Following our talk ‘Dynamic by Default’, this experiential workshop will showcase the power of personalisation through a live demo build of an audio and video ad, exploring the latest in dynamic, data-driven creativity.

How to Build a Successful Challenger Brand

Tom Broughton, founder of the modern spectacle maker Cubitts, tells you what he's learnt in his six years of growing a challenger brand. A business born around Broughton's kitchen table in King's Cross, the brand has gone from DTC start up to bricks and mortar success story, with ten UK stores and a global audience that has led to pop ups in Tokyo and New York. This five-point instructional workshop will cover the lessons learned, and how you can apply them to your own business.
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