Interview With Maya Bogle, CEO Of Talenthouse

Join Maya Bogle, CEO of Talenthouse, to discuss the future of work and creativity. Talenthouse is a platform which allows brands or agencies to tap into specialist creative work from the Talenthouse community. It recently acquired Creative Commission, the leading platform for creative jobs within the music industry, as well as EyeEm and Jovoto, (two other creative platforms), launching a platform to support Ukrainian creatives. Maya is going to share her vision of a global community for the...

Music Television Like It Was Meant to Be

Music videos are a cultural unifier, and reach 150 million viewers globally each day. In recent years, we've followed the audience back to the living room, where massive year-over-year growth continues to rise. Please join us for a Q&A before we share a special presentation about the next phase of television -- Music Television Like It Was Meant To Be.

Mass Appeal: The Future of Entertainment

Six years ago, Peter Bittenbender joined forces with rapper Nas to create a media company that felt like the future. Built on the heritage of New York magazine brand Mass Appeal, the company grew out of its niche media origins into one of the most interesting entertainment companies of today. Now comprising an original content division, a music label led by Nas and a division that works directly with brands, the business is using its unique perspective on Black and hip hop culture to tell...

Jewel on Mental Health: The Stories Behind the Music

Join Jewel for an honest and timely discussion on mental health. Weaving together personal stories and musical performances, this unique experience will inspire, educate and entertain.

Women Leading the Artist Community

Join Madeline Nelson, CEO of Heads Music and manager of Wyclef Jean, for an exploratory conversation on how female leaders are trailblazing through the music industry and changing the way artists create, collaborate and distribute their work.

Confessions, Classical Music & Commercial Radio

One of the nation’s most popular radio broadcasters, Simon Mayo, in conversation with Bauer Media’s Music and Content Director Ric Blaxill about new station Scala radio, his move into commercial radio, why radio is the master of reinvention and the classical tune he is most likely to sing in the shower!

Amplifying Brands with Music

Brands and music collaboration is a multi-million pound business, we invite industry experts to share their approach, advice, experience and best practices. We look at how the landscape has evolved, how you develop content to drive mass appeal, maintain authenticity and ultimately connect to your audience.
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