Turn Up the Volume

With the proliferation of platforms and varying content distribution strategies, just how much content should your brand produce? In this presentation, Gary will share his thoughts on content creation to garner maximum consumer attention.

'The Long and the Short of It', Driving Growth for B2B Marketers

To succeed, marketers need to deliver growth. But what are the strategies delivering maximum growth for companies? LinkedIn Australia & NZ managing director, Matt Tindale, reveals new econometric research on how best to drive growth in B2B. This research comes from Les Binet and Peter Field, the “godfathers of marketing effectiveness” whose seminal report “The Long and the Short of It” has transformed the way companies market.

Professor Mark Ritson: Let's Look at Branding

Mark Ritson, from Melbourne Business School, reviews some of the current big questions in branding and provides a series of unpopular, and frankly at times devastating and miserable conclusions.

Automation and Optimization: Making the Most of Everything

Supply-Path-Optimization is the new normal. Computers now tell us the best path forward and help us make faster, more informed decisions. Computers have become our assistants, strategists and part of the creative toolbox. Join us for this panel, crossing the boundaries of tech, marketing, organizational effectiveness, and creative to hear diverse perspectives on how optimization, AI, and Automation are disrupting the system.
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