Hannah Tsumoto

Hannah Tsumoto believes in building authentic connections between consumers and brands through culture. By engaging with passion and lifestyle groups, her strategies focus on memorable, shareable and community-driven marketing backed by data.

In her current role, she leads the gaming and esports audience strategy at DoorDash, where she brings gamers, esports fans and streamer subs together for authentic brand engagement. Her work includes the FaZe Clan partnership, creator strategies on Twitch, TikTok and YouTube, game publisher partnerships and in-game integrations.

In previous roles, she helped domestic and international brands like Patrón, Comcast, Blue Moon, Jameson and Coors Light connect through unique subcultures. Her work with Blue Moon connected the brand to the worlds of art and food in the US and Europe, where she led the Molson Coors Craft Beer Division. She has led marketing at multiple start-ups and built engagement with tattoo, skate and street art cultures.