Jennifer “JJ” Healan

Jennifer “JJ” Healan has spent her career building some of the world’s most iconic brands, creating a place for them in culture through industry-leading work. She was at The Coca-Cola Company for 15 years, both in N.A. and Global roles, where she led all advertising, content & creative excellence for Coca-Cola, including new global campaigns for Fanta, Powerade & Schweppes. In Feb 2020, Jennifer joined the McDonald’s U.S. Marketing team as VP, Brand Content & Engagement. In her short tenure, Jennifer is honored to have found McDonald’s brand voice during a pandemic; launched the already iconic Famous Orders platform which brought McDonald’s to the forefront of youth culture. Under Jennifer’s creative leadership, McDonald’s was named #2 on AdAge’s Marketer A-List in 2020 and in 2021 made Fast Company’s Brands that Matter list. She was awarded AdAge’s Brand Leader of the Year & named a Business Insider Rising Star in 2021. This year EFFIEs awarded McDonald’s Brand & Marketer of the Year.