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Complex Networks’ audience has always been on the internet, seeking out innovative and unique experiences. With that in mind, Complex worked alongside design and experience agency Jam3 to create Complexland, a first-of-its-kind web3 experience, gamifying commerce and branded experience with dozens of partners.

We know that being ahead of the curve often means marketers and agencies are expected to place bets with limited information or evidence, and yet, being ahead of the curve is often necessary for establishing relevancy and attention.

In this session, you'll hear from Jam3 and Complex as they dive into the strategy and creative ingenuity that went behind building this state-of-the-art virtual experience, as well as how they built the future in a way that was authentic to Complex Networks.

They will share the approach to effectively introducing dozens of brands to the metaverse and their perspective on building foundations that connect meaningfully to both audience and brand ecosystems to deliver a return on innovation.

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Chelsea Thompson-O'Brien Strategy Director Jam3
Felice Archbold Director Experiential Complex Networks

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