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In our ever-evolving streaming ecosystem, there is yet another acronym to master: FASTs, Free Ad-Supported Television. What are FASTs, and how do they differ from AVOD? As marketers craft holistic video plans intended to reach specific audiences, what is unique about the FAST viewer vs. those watching other streaming platforms? Learn the opportunities for marketers in this growing segment and what the future outlook is.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. FASTs are free, ad-supported television and we'll show you how they differ from — and are similar to — AVOD and SVOD platforms.
  2. We'll talk about what's unique about the FAST viewer. Learn how FASTs can complement your video plan.
  3. We'll discuss what the opportunities are for marketers in this growing segment, how it might impact your video strategy and what the future outlook is.

Presented with


Mark Rotblat Chief Revenue Officer Tubi
Kelly Metz Managing Director, Advanced TV Activation Omincom Media Group
Andrew Fitzgerald Senior Vice President, Streaming Video Services Hearst Television
Kelsey Sutton Senior Reporter Marketing Brew
Rafael Urbina GM & EVP, AVOD Streaming TelevisiaUnivision, ViX

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