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When Amazon Prime Video became the exclusive home of Thursday Night Football in 2022, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said it would “change the way people watch football.”

Streaming audiences are younger than traditional NFL TV broadcast audiences, and many are more open to engaging and taking action based on advertising they see during the game and after.

This panel will explore how the shift to streaming is impacting the growth and evolution of live sports and what it means for advertisers looking to reach sports fans.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the convergence of linear and digital broadcasting is influencing the future of live sports.
  2. How streaming is impacting audience demographics and growth.
  3. How advertisers can utilize new channels and formats to reach the next generation of sports fans.

Presented with


Danielle Carney Head of NFL Sales Amazon Ads
Michael Smith News Analyst, Thursday Night Football Prime Video
Jeremy Carey Chief Investment Officer Optimum Sports
Monique Harrison Head of Brand Marketing Mercedes-Benz USA

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