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Viewers like consuming content in real time. This has been evident from the days of being glued to broadcast channels during primetime, to the advent of cable, and now where consumers have nearly infinite choices across TV, streaming, social and more.

The one thing that is constant is that as consumers move across screens and services, they crave live content. At the same time, viewers are now inundated with choices from what to watch, where to watch it and when.

This fragmentation on the consumer side also means that brands and advertisers need to adapt their strategies in order to deliver their message where viewers are most receptive.

In this discussion, our panelists will explore what all these changes in the live TV landscape mean for viewers, brands and publishers and how advertisers should adapt their strategies to better reach their intended audience in the most meaningful way.
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  1. Discuss what’s on the horizon for live programming and TV overall.
  2. Adapt marketing strategies to refine and reach audiences inundated with choice.
  3. Master the nuances of a converged marketplace to better inform cross-channel buys.

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Elsa Castro Blumberg VP, Insights & Analytics DIRECTV Advertising
Jason Brum GVP, Agency Partnerships DIRECTV Advertising
Kevin Lappen SVP Sports Partnerships and Digital Sales NBCUniversal
Madhavi Tadikonda EVP, Managing Director, Investment Havas Media Group

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