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Engaging creative and contextual relevance are key attention drivers on mobile. Yet many brands continue to waste media dollars on ads that look and feel like the 1990s.

This session will unpack the latest technologies in mobile advertising, such as AR, VR and gamification, and highlight the power of creative and context for maximum impact.

Learn how advertisers are taking advantage of new innovations in mobile to create brilliant experiences that transcend the device and engage people on a deeper and more meaningful level than standard ads. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why mobile is a critical consumer touchpoint in the marketing mix.
  2. How to gain an edge with mobile creative that cuts through the clutter.
  3. Winning mobile ad strategies for the attention economy and the cookieless future.

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Suzanne Spence CEO Mobkoi
Alyce Panico President Luxe Collective Group

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