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Wes Schroll, Co-Founder & CEO of Fetch, will be joined on stage by moderator Peter V.S. Bond, co-host of The CPG Guys podcast, to discuss how brands are investing in advertising and consumer engagement in an increasingly cookieless world.

Consumer behavior is continuously evolving in the larger social environment. Come learn how scaled shopper-centric coalition loyalty platforms are enabling brands and retailers to build lifetime customer value collaboratively with true omnichannel ROI measurement.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Removing friction from loyalty mechanics drives significant engagement and delights users who become vocal advocates.
  2. Allowing consumers to shop where they want in earning rewards increases usage and enables true ROI measurement.
  3. First-party consumption data from outside of “walled gardens” enables highly efficient promotion, market research and collection of SEO-driving user-generated content.
  4. Fast-moving consumer goods brands working together in a closed-loop loyalty program deliver share results that vastly surpass what they achieve elsewhere.

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Peter Bond Co-Founder and Co-Host The CPG Guys
Wes Schroll CEO Fetch Rewards

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