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The “workplace” has changed dramatically in the past few years and a new type of leadership style is needed to ensure employees are engaged and productive, and businesses are set up for true success. Join Sonia Jackson Myles and James Rhee for a compelling conversation on the value of kindness at work, leading with love and putting the human back in humanity. Learn the difference between happy vs engaged employees, how to combat quiet quitting, and how to create an environment that delivers phenomenal business results.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to lead with kindness at work.
  2. The difference between happy vs engaged employees and why engaged is necessary.
  3. How to recognize and combat quiet quitting.

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Sonia Jackson Myles Founder The Accord Group
James Rhee Founder Red Helicopter
Katie Kempner Founder, Creator and Host, "Perspectives with Katie Kempner" Kempner Communications

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