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With a cookieless future on the horizon, content is more important than ever as the marketing industry returns to contextual targeting. But in today’s fragmented media landscape, context needs to align with creativity and storytelling to make the type of impact brands need to break through.

This panel focuses on the necessity for rethinking contextual targeting and how it can be elevated through connections with creative brand narratives.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to make context align with creativity.
  2. How to break through and create impact with your ads.
  3. The way to rethink contextual targeting.

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Pamela Drucker Mann Global Chief Revenue Officer and President, U.S. Revenue Condé Nast
Jason Kint CEO Digital Content Next
Suzana Apelbaum Head of Creative and Innovation Google/MediaLab NYC
Sandeep Seth Global CMO and North America President Coach

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