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Join world-renowned artist Fabian Williams, community leader and marketer Sherri Daye Scott and Chemistry CCO Chris Breen for a discussion on the power of REAL representation in creative development and how brands/agencies that are willing to blow up the blueprint are finding new ways to meet their audiences where they are today.

Hear firsthand how they are helping create culturally insightful work rooted in realness, as well as the dangers of not baking creative diversity into everything you do.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Walk it like you talk it” — Engaging and building trust within underrepresented communities in genuine and impactful ways.
  2. How to partner with artists, musicians and creators, including how and when to bring them into the creative process.
  3. How to bake diversity and inclusivity into everything — not just campaigns — in a meaningful way.

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Sherri Daye Scott SVP of Marketing & Communications WABE
Chris Breen CCO Chemistry
Fabian Williams Renowned Artist and Political Activist
Katie Kempner Founder, Creator and Host, "Perspectives with Katie Kempner" Kempner Communications

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