David Marine

As the Chief Marketing Officer for Coldwell Banker, David does more than just market the longest running real estate brand in the industry. With over twenty years of digital, content and social marketing experience, he’s obsessed with telling the story of the brand in ways that can’t be ignored.

David started his career with Coldwell Banker in 2002 and has since held almost every role imaginable within the marketing group. In addition to developing the highest rated ad ever in the real estate category and leading the first rebrand for Coldwell Banker in nearly half a century, David is most known for his affinity of storytelling and leading a team of diverse, thought-provoking marketers to reshape a brand that has existed for 114 years. Marine has been the force behind the first real estate video centric YouTube channel, the adoption of data-driven and AI-backed proprietary app called CBx and transforming the brand’s marketing into a content and social machine.