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Data, technology, creativity, and empathy have collided. The empowered consumer wants a brand that is ethical, yet also convenient. People are willing to share DNA for family trees, yet data privacy remains in headlines daily. The prominence of social-media, only outweighed by the rise of misinformation. Technology once feigned to end human innovation, is now be leveraged to harness human potential.

In discussion with some of digitals biggest powerhouse navigating the Great Collision; The New York Times, VICE Media and Facebook will explore topics of advertising constantly in the global headlines, how the industry is addressing trust, and how all marketers should be bracing for The Great Collision. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How brands should be navigating the biggest issues in our media
  2. Is the privacy debate over? Or has it simply evolved?
  3. Insights into the empowered consumer, and strategies to navigate their needs

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Julie Arbit Global SVP, Insights VICE Media
Alison Murphy SVP, Ad Innovation The New York Times Company
Patrick Harris Vice President, Global Agency Development Facebook
Jeremy Cornfeldt CEO iProspect US

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Future of Data