In this session...

Catching the attention of consumers in 2019--with people racking up an average of 11 hours of screen time a day--is no easy feat. To break through the noise and leave an impact, brands are constantly galvanized to break the mold of existing advertising and marketing paradigms and discover, fresh innovative storytelling methods.

A panel of brand marketing experts will discuss how leaning into the discomfort of creative problem solving can spark innovation and ultimately lead to groundbreaking ideas.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to navigate the line between feeling scared about tackling a creative solution and being delusional that it will work--if there is a line.
  2. Strategies to work with clients to fight for the integrity of the creative process.
  3. How to spark creativity and brand storytelling with the "limitations" of business needs.


Jaime Robinson Chief Creative Officer Joan Creative
Tim Nudd Editor in Chief Clio Awards
Jose Sebastian Gomez Executive Creative Director ATK PLN
Tony Hawk Professional Skateboarder/Co-Founder D/CAL
Marie Ronn Group Creative Director Spotify

Event Details

Event Type Seminar