Jose Sebastian Gomez

Jose Sebastian Gomez is the Executive Creative Director of ATK PLN. He harnesses the same creative vitality and passion he holds for skate culture to rally teams of designers, artists and producers to evoke dynamic visual solutions for clients looking to take their brand to the next level.

His prolific history in skateboarding, street culture and fine art have all informed his unique storytelling perspective. From live-action, animation or a mixture of the two, his stories all share a wit and magical quality that blur the lines of reality and fantasy. Gomez’s experience creating and launching his own sport lifestyle brand informs his design-driven approach to brand building. He founded Shilo in 2001 and transformed the boutique shop into an award-winning digital production company integrating live-action, animation and post-production. In 2018, he teamed with Managing Director David Bates and Executive Producer Jim Riche to bring a new business model to the branded content creation s