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11.30am Bonin Ventures present a stage focused on exploring the fast-changing relationship between retailers and their consumers. Join us for discussions on rewarding loyalty, reshaping retail experiences, and the rise of text-to-buy.

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  1. Retail
  2. Texting Message Marketing
  3. Loyalty Rewards


Experiential is the newest buzz word in the mission to reinvent brick-and-mortar retail. Brands are reorienting themselves in the market by integrating creative new technology into their shops for a standout consumer experience. But understanding what it takes to create transformative customer experiences is about more than just smoke and mirror theatrics.

Join us to discover how some of the leading brands are not just reinventing retail, but transforming what we have come to expect from experience itself.
Bonin Chief Growth Officer, Bonin Ventures
Jamie Gutfreund Global Chief Experience Officer, Hasbro


Technology is leading the evolution of the relationship between brands, publishers, and consumers. For businesses, maintaining consumer loyalty is becoming increasingly more difficult as brands compete to win over consumers by effectively targeting their buying behaviors. With more-and-more of the consumer’s journey becoming digitized, new data and reward opportunities emerge.

Join us to understand how brands and retail/e-commerce partners in travel, dining, entertainment, and retail can collaborate with publishers.
Katie Wilson CEO & Founder, TapOnIt Mobile Deals
Lin Dai Co-Founder & CEO,
Scott Nelson Vice Present Marketing, Panera
Bonin Chief Growth Officer, Bonin Ventures


With messaging being the native-behavior of a mobile-first world it makes sense that more and more of the retail experience is entering the conversational space. As such, a number of pioneering brands have taken the first steps in creating conversational commerce experiences that users love. Conversational commerce creates a deeper connection with the consumer and the brand - something that shoppers are constantly seeking. Join us to discover how large organizations and startups can work together to use text to unlock new opportunities.
Jake Lazarus CEO & Co-Founder, OpenMessage
Nate Scherotter COO & CO-Founder, Empathy Wines
Piers Fawkes Founder & President,
Ryan Fortwendel CEO & Founder, MINNA
Sofia Laurell Co-CEO & Co-Founder, TinyOrganics
Zak Normandin Founder & CEO, Iris Nova


Bonin Chief Growth Officer Bonin Ventures
Jamie Gutfreund Global Chief Experience Officer Hasbro
Katie Wilson CEO & Founder TapOnIt Mobile Deals
Lin Dai Co-Founder & CEO
Scott Nelson Vice Present Marketing Panera
Jake Lazarus CEO & Co-Founder OpenMessage
Nate Scherotter COO & CO-Founder Empathy Wines
Piers Fawkes Founder & President
Ryan Fortwendel CEO & Founder MINNA
Sofia Laurell Co-CEO & Co-Founder TinyOrganics
Zak Normandin Founder & CEO Iris Nova

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