Ryan Fortwendel

Former executive of e-commerce for Marc Jacobs, Ryan Fortwendel spent over a decade in the fashion industry in New York City and Chicago. In the spring of 2017, Ryan noticed a change in the beverage space; everyone was drinking LaCroix. However, as a sparkling water enthusiast, he felt the flavors often fell flat, wanting more from the flavor profiles offered. With a previous career in fashion, Ryan felt branding was second - if not equal to - the product itself. Ryan spent extensive time on packaging, focused on consumer shopping behaviors. It was a top priority to create beautiful packaging that stood out in a sea of beverage options.

Minna is an accessory to everyday life that looks good and tastes great, served in a beautiful art deco inspired can and available in three refreshing flavors that pop: Tropical Green Tea, Citrus Black Tea, and Lime Hibiscus Tea.